Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Election Results Big Wakeup Call to 2-Party System - Cleaning Time in the Augean Stables!

Let’s look at three races without the 2-party-system spin and soundbytes, shall we?

1st.  New Jersey Governor.  Incumbent Dem loses even with conservative vote “split” between the Republican and the Independent.   And it was an easy victory for the Republican Christie, not even close enough to worry about needing a recount.  For a state that is so hardcore Dem, to me this is a surprise.  I figured that the Corzine ‘machine’ would retain the governorship, but no.  Apparently, NJ has had enough of Corzine to go Republican.  I guess they’re not ready for a 3rd party yet, but we’ll see.

2nd. New York City Mayor.  Bloomberg had to seriously outspend his opponent, 100 million versus the previously unknown independent challenger’s 7 million.  That’s 14 times MORE than the opponent!  And it was a close race,  a 5% margin victory.  Interesting.

3rd. New York 23rd Congressional District Race.  Democrat Bill Owens won by narrow 4% margin.  Which is interesting, because the Republican candidate withdrew 4 days before the election and endorsed the Democrat candidate.  Meanwhile, the Independent, completely unknown prior to 8 weeks ago, was narrowly defeated.   Interestingly: all the ballots, including the absentee ballots, still had the Republican candidate on them, and people voting for the withdrawn candidate represented 5% of the overall votes cast.  Had 2/3 of those votes gone to the Independent (Conservative Party) CPA Doug Hoffman, the Independent would have won. 

Pont being: the 2 big parties would be smart to realize that 2010 is going to be the year of the Independents.  We The People are sick of the 2 parties and are quite aware that they have led us to the same place by pitting us against each other: Ruin.  Time to clean the Augean stables inside the Beltway.  This time though, it's going to take more than 1 Hercules to do it.  It will take a couple dozen mortals.  God help us find them and get them in place before it's too late.

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