Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wormhole Alert: Major Bank publishes a 68 page report on global collapse, 6 mos of predictions.

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard telling it like it is.  Again.  Ambrose, do you sleep at night?   

Societe Generale tells clients how to prepare for potential global collapse.

Gold is responding.  I don't think it's a 'bubble.'  I think people know the jig is up but no one wants to start the flash exodus from the ship of fools.  This could get ver-ry interesting after Christmas. 

My prediction: everything stands fine till January/February when all the credit cards are defaulted on after people have spent their last 'hurrah' bucks with no intent of paying the cards back.  Remember, most of the credit companies have sent out letters pumping rates to 29.9% even to those people who carry no balance, pay their bills on time, have perfect credit, etc.  [I got one of those letters.  Closed the account.  I really don't give a rip if it hurts my credit score.  Won't give those usurious bastards a flippin' dime. ]

So when there's massive defaults, there will be a credit crisis sometime in Jan/Feb.  My theory based on gut alone.

Sometime in that time, Healthcare will be rammed down our throats and passed. [Goodness I hope I am wrong on this prediction!  I really do b/c that means lights-out for our country.  Yes it does.  But I digress.... ] Why will healthcare pass in Jan/Feb?  It's the DC Mantra: "We have an emergency, folks.  We've got an emergency and need to do *something!* " 

Why healthcare? Because the taxes to fund it start immediately even though the healthcare doesn't kick in till 2013.  So the govt has 3 years of spending fun till the healthcare bill comes due.  This is going to happen Jan/Feb because come April 15 the govt won't get the payday they need to keep working.  Kinda hard to pay taxes when you're not employed, eh?  Hard to collect taxes from people who have Gone Galt and pay for karate lessons for their kids with backyard tomatoes or silver eagles.  Hard to collect taxes when there's a tax revolt via withholdings changed to ZERO in a semi- passive statement?  I'm seriously considering it.

So when people aren't sending in as much tax revenue as our Fed govt needs, there will be even more strange things from DC.  Perhaps another Stimulus package.

Better be careful though, boys and girls.  2010 elections 1 year from now and people are watching.

We'll see what comes of this prediction.   I hope I am wrong.  I truly do.  I thought we would have been here already after the Oct/Nov 08 situation.  I was happy to be wrong.  Perhaps I am too gloom-n-doom yet again.  That would be a happy discovery for me.  

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