Monday, October 19, 2009

Healthcare Reform Debate Ongoing

So here we are, with the healthcare debate ongoing.

Because I have not seen the bill and been able to read its entirety - no one has because it is not yet assembled- I am not going to speak on specific points.  However, I'll go on the record to say that no bill like this should be passed until our government proves that they can do other things better than the private sector.

Government services have provided us all mail delivery. Let's look at the US Postal Service.  The model of quality and efficiency.  Oh yeah.  Who do you prefer? UPS, FedEx, or USPS?  Who do you trust more?  Can't get a tracking number for things sent USPS, either.  I know, they're not truly the government, but they are a GSE (Government Sponsored Entity) and they have a .gov website.  Sure they get us our mail.  But they are losing money and cost as much or more than competitors despite being partially government funded... ?  Years ago, when the lines were too long at the Post Office, what was the first thing they did? They removed the clocks from the main waiting room area.  True story.     

In the realm of GSE lending, we have: Fannie. Freddie.  Need I say more?

When it comes to retirement, financial promises and fulfilling responsibility, the government has provided: Social Security.  Totally underfunded.  Will be insolvent very soon.  I don't think that anyone who is under 55 actually thinks that they will have that income available.  And hey, at that whopping 2% interest we've all been accruing every year, the government has managed to take our money from us and forced it into a 'savings' program that doesn't even keep pace with inflation.  We would have been better off in a private savings account or a series of CDs.  Thanks, guys.    

Expertise in Medical matters:  Medicare, Medicaid.  The picture of efficiency, compassion, and excellence in medical care. 

So why is it that despite the fact that the government has proven themselves to be so poor at running everything they touch, we are going along with their promises to do better?  Nowhere in these merging bills is there any mention of tort reform.  Hmmm.  And why is it that the biggest supporters are exempt? 

What do I mean by that?  Well.... Unions will be exempt.  That's right.  And so will Congress.  Both House and Senate.  Hmmmmm.  If this is so good for Americans, why won't they step up and be the first to join?  Let's just think about that. 

The Brits are having some interesting things happening.  Their government healthcare is so great that now British healthcare workers are exempted from their own system so that they can properly serve the public.  No joke.
The Europeans see it for the danger that it is.  They have a longer memory.  We Americans are too 'young' to see these dangers until they are staring us in the face.  Maybe we are too arrogant to think that we can do so much better than the rest of the world has done.  Thaqt is pretty funny, though, because the rest of the world is showing us why we shouldn't do it by leading the way *out* of their government healthcare.  Meanwhile, in Germany, they are dismantling their socialized medicine because of overwhelming demand from the population.  The government, back in 2005, started providing insurance and care through the private sector.  And France.  Ah yes, France.  The poster child of government healthcare perfection.  On top of the government provided care, everyone who can afford to do so purchases private insurance.  Why is that if the government is truly providing such stellar care?  Canada has massive problems, but they seem to be doing ok because the people who are able simply drive to the USA to get their surgeries/care instead of getting on the Canadian waiting lists.      

Finally, I ask this:
Why is this such an emergency to pass right *NOW* if it will not take effect until 2013?  And remember that the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) is quoting it as costing 829 Billion per year starting in 2010 even though the care itself won't be in effect until 2013?  Hmm. Something doesn't add up.

So let's slow down.  Debate.  Talk.  Have a good hard look at this and then move forward.

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