Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cold Fusion not just a failed programming language... it's a reality.

Okay, class: who's seen this:  Andrea_A._Rossi_Cold_Fusion_Generator This is so... flippin... amazing!!!  This is a major game-changer.  Seriously.  Read up on it.  They took Nickel and Hydrogen and are fusing them to form Copper.  For every 1 unit energy put in, 8 come out.  I totally put this in a nutshell of course, but this- if it does indeed work as it is being advertised- is a moon shot from these guys in Italy.  It is a leap for mankind.  Can you imagine?  This means the issues surrounding oil and fossil fuel completely changes.  In fact, it mostly goes away.  Even if you're not a science nut, this is worth the read. 

It gets a little science-heavy in the interviews, so if that's your bag baby~ dig in!  I sure did.  
We're one step closer, well, except for the flying Deloreans part, bummer! 

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