Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egypt just part of a chain of trouble.

On Yahoo Finance Today: Fitch downgrades Egypt outlook to negative as violence and protests mount.  

Really.  This is one of these things where I say... ah... yes? Isn't this pretty obvious?  Maybe it's just me. Am I being too cynical?  It's a scary thing because this really has the potential to set the entire region on fire, more on fire than it usually is, I mean.  I cannot help but wonder if this is going to spread and interrupt crude supplies for exports.  That's a shock that the world economy would not take well.

On the other hand, this could potentially spell real troubles with Israel.  Watching this with interest -and horror- as things develop. 

Regardless, this is a horrible, horrible situation for the Egyptian people.  The country is practically in media blackout.  Cell service cut off, internet access cut off, tanks in Cairo, flights cancelled, people dying, tear gas, bullets, beatings... horrible horrible stuff happens when there is civil unrest.  I pray for those people.  May this all come to a peaceful resolution.  Fast. 

Meanwhile,  Albania is becoming destablized, looks like things are heating up there: 
Protests in Albania
And in Jordan, it's spreading.  Al Jazeera is reporting anti-government problems there.
Anti Government demonstrations in Jordan
Of course, Iran is all in turmoil over this too... According to CNS news,
Iranian Media Hail Egypt ‘Revolution’
God help us.  What is going on in our world. 

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