Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Words of Wisdom I've Read From Someone Else.

I read this and had to share:

     "Little wooden blocks with paper letters peeling off or gone, some tarnished Lincoln Logs, and assorted steel parts from an old Erector Set.

     As a boy of 5-6 years of age, I found great joy in playing with the above toys passed down from four older siblings. I would sort out the parts and pieces, those that had not gone missing, on the living room floor and ponder what to make out of them. I never won a prize for anything I constructed, but fun and adventure filled the day. The well worn and incomplete collection of parts called upon the imagination and, most importantly, helped me build bridges to days that would follow.

     Those bridges eventually brought me to this day. In the dark and damp of a January morning, I again found I would have to build a day with shop worn and bent parts and do so without elements of life that have stayed behind or that I have never caught up to.

      I had to smile.

     The parts and pieces are laid out before me. What I will build this day is not yet known, but I will build it the best I can with what I have. Some segments of the day, I am sure, will fall down, and others will stay in place. But whatever is left standing when the day runs out will serve as a bridge to one more tomorrow. I owe a lot to those old blocks and Lincoln Logs and steel parts. Their imperfections have shown me the perfect things in life.
     Have a Perfect Imperfect Week."

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