Friday, November 13, 2009

"Shout Out" to the American Thinker Article "The Audacity of Extremism"

Worth the read.  Enjoy.  Of course it's chock full o' Brit humour and thinking points despite being written by a Yank. 


"...Don't tell me these folks are mainstream Americans. No way. Obama is running the most extremist administration in American history. It's chockfull of wild-eyed bizarros like Van Jones, Rahm Gawdhelpus, and the whole Chicago Gang. How many presidential chiefs of staff have publicly yelled "Dead! Dead! Dead!" while stabbing a steak knife into a dinner table, just to show what he wanted to do to his political enemies? Rahm Emanuel's the only one. How many have done the Godfather schtick by sending a dead fish to a journalist?  Rahmbo wants to scare people, and Obama knew that when he hired him. It can't be an accident that Rahm is Obama's Capo di tutti Capi. That's extremism. Maybe it's normal in Moscow or Khazakstan. In American politics it's extremist." 

By James Lewis at the American Thinker: "The Audacity of Exremism"

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